What are recurring payments?

Recurring payments occur when a customer authorizes a business to automatically withdraw funds from their bank account or payment card on a regular basis, usually for services like subscriptions or monthly bills.

If your business deals in recurring payments, Recurring Billing lets you manage the process without having to store sensitive payment data in your system.

Accept recurring payments

Schedule billing via all major payment and regional cards and in multiple currencies.

Manage your recurring payments with ease

Recurring Billing is the online solution that helps you collect subscriptions and recurring payments securely from anywhere in the world. It’s flexible, easy to set up, and low maintenance.

Store sensitive data securely

Store your customers’ sensitive payment data in PCI DSS-compliant Visa data centers.

Customize subscriptions

Customize subscriptions by billing amount, frequency, and subscription duration.

Manage your billing schedules

Save time with plan management to store, configure, organize, and mass updates of billing schedules.

Establish predictable revenue

Automatically update customers' card information with Account Updater and network tokenization.

Recurring payments without recurring pain

Businesses that rely on recurring payments come to us looking for a solution to help reduce subscription abandonment, prevent fraud, protect sensitive payment data—and keep customers’ payment details up to date.

Recurring Billing can help address these issues and more. It’s a flexible, low-maintenance system for businesses who want to create a best-practice recurring payment strategy.

The benefits of Recurring Billing

  • Delight your customers: Recurring Billing is a flexible, consistent, and predictable payment option that customers appreciate.
  • Drive sales: Streamlining your subscription management with Recurring Billing will help drive growth, minimize churn, and retain customers.
  • Reduce customer churn: By combining Recurring Billing with Account Updater you can keep payment details up to date, preventing payment failures and reducing churn even further.
  • Predict revenue: Recurring Billing helps establish predictable revenue, especially when paired with Account Updater.
  • Reduce costs and compliance burden: By securely storing customers’ sensitive payment data in PCI-DSS compliant Visa data centers, Recurring Billing reduces your operational costs and your compliance efforts.

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