Enhance your global fraud strategy with deep industry knowledge and experience

Managing payment risk can be a complex balancing act for eCommerce business. But you don’t have to do it alone. Managed Risk Services from Cybersource expands and enhances your in-house fraud capabilities by adding experienced analysts who can step in to provide the extra knowledge to lower your payment risks.

Our analysts are located on six different continents, have deep experience across different industries and geographies, and are well-equipped to fulfill a diverse range of roles and functions. We can help whether you’re looking to turn your fraud management over to a trusted provider, or you just need a little help fine-tuning your Decision Manager configuration or reviewing transactions during unusual or peak times.

Get the most from your risk management strategy and team

Cybersource Managed Risk services combine decades of collective risk management experience with a deep, nuanced understanding of how Decision Manager works and what it’s capable of. That means we’re ready to help your team.

Accept more good orders and reduce fraud

Our analysts work closely with your team to understand your business operations and refine your risk management strategies, so you can reduce fraud, help maximize the potential acceptance of good orders and provide better payment experiences for your customers. 

Open new channels safely and confidently

Opening a new sales channel, whether it’s selling products through a third-party marketplace or offering in-store pickup for online orders, carries its own set of unique risks. Cybersource Managed Risk Services can help you assess those risks, provide best practice security guidance, and create optimal strategies for new channels.

Understand the fraud landscape as you move into new regions

With a strong presence on six continents, Cybersource Managed Risk Services can help you understand the risk dynamics and streamline the process of entering new markets safely.

Scale up quickly

Support peak shopping season volumes or unusual situations. Managed Risk Services can help you develop effective operational strategies for dealing with unexpected businesses changes and provide the extra screening and review specialists you need to deal with peak holiday periods or unusual situations—without adding additional staff.

What sets Managed Risk Services apart?


More than 65 analysts on six continents with experience across dozens of industries. We have more than 800 years of collective knowledge, which our analysts leverage with each engagement.


Experienced risk analysts leverage advanced machine learning models and data intelligence from billions of global transactions processed by Cybersource and Visa to proactively monitor, analyze, and address the latest payment risks.


Our analysts work closely and consistently with your in-house management teams to respond quickly to changing fraud dynamics and stay in alignment with your fraud management strategies and goals.

Flexible service options that match your requirements

Find the right service option for your organization’s needs and requirements.

Performance monitoring services

  • Platinum level: A dedicated risk analyst carefully assesses and actively manages your fraud strategies to meet SLA-backed performance guarantees.
  • Gold level: A dedicated risk analyst performs thorough periodic reviews of your fraud management operations and provides detailed, best-practice strategy recommendations to optimize your results.
  • Screening management: We make our experienced analysts and review teams available on demand to help screen orders or manage your fraud operations through peak holiday seasons or unexpected circumstances. 

Jump Start service

  • A risk analyst will lead your team through a detailed Decision Manager training that includes process flow mapping and building and documenting an effective risk management strategy—followed by 10 hours of ongoing remote consultation and support.

Tune-up service

  • This project-based service provides a risk analyst to help your in-house team with Decision Manager rule recommendations and best practices based on chargeback analyses, Decision Manager Replay, Rules Suggestion Engine results, and other reporting metrics.

Start using Managed Risk Services to capture more revenue

Learn more about how Cybersource Managed Risk Services can put decades of collective payment risk management knowledge and expertise to work for your organization.

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