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How do people shop and pay around the world right now? The Global Digital Shopping Index series reveals all you need to know.

Smartphone-enabled shopping rises to the top

Our latest report reveals that smartphones are central to online and in-store consumer shopping habits.

Online shopping: now in store

34% of in-store shoppers now use mobile phones to enhance their shopping experience. 

Embrace a friction-free future

Shopping is now 24/7: how can merchants deliver a seamless but secure experience?

Payment options: key to sales

Consumers are 63% more likely to shop with merchants that offer their preferred payment options.

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Country reports: a world of data

USA (April 2022)

In 2021, there was a rise of 34% in USA merchants offering in-store pickup facilities.

Australia (coming soon)

In Australia there was a 47% annual increase in mobile shopping.

UK (coming soon)

UK shoppers are the least likely to use phones while shopping in store.

Brazil (coming soon)

Nearly two-thirds of Brazilian merchants now offer an in-store pickup option.

UAE (coming soon)

59% of UAE consumers use their phones while shopping in store.

Mexico (coming soon)

81% of Mexican merchants now offer voice-activated shopping.

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