Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong customer story

Learn how Cybersource and our strategic partners helped Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong improve its customer experience through technology and offering contactless payments.

Contactless customer experience

How do you make your customers’ experience contactless and COVID-friendly, but still enjoyable? That was the challenge facing Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong, a franchisee of American multinational Ruby Tuesday Inc. They run seven successful outlets across Hong Kong. When the pandemic hit, they had to dramatically accelerate their digital transformation plans to keep their restaurants open.

The challenge: rapid digital transformation

In late 2019, Hong Kong was already experiencing a slowdown in tourism and retail activities leading to fewer walk-in customers. When the pandemic hit in early 2020, those walk-in customers stopped overnight. Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong responded by dramatically accelerating its digital program.

The plan was to enable customers to order online and pick up in the restaurant, and use contactless payments such as PayWave. The challenge? Even online, today’s digital-savvy customers expect a customer experience that is more than just a transaction. So how could they go contactless and safe, while retaining the distinct character and dining experience that draws people to Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong in the first place? 

And how could technology enhance the dine-in experience when the world got back to visiting restaurants again?

We are glad to have found a technology partner like Tofugear who has established payment partners like Cybersource and Global Payments.

- Leslie Bailey, Managing Director, Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong (APRT Ltd.)

Cybersource, Tofugear, and Global Payments working together

There were two parts to this project, and for both, we worked with Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong’s tech provider, Tofugear, and our processing partner, Global Payments.

The Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong mobile app

The highlight of Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong’s digital transformation was their new customer-centric mobile app. Customers could browse the menu, order and pay—whether they were dining in or picking up during periods of lockdown.

The app used artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver personalized product recommendations based on a customer’s past orders.

The Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong loyalty program

We also partnered with Tofugear to help Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong set up their first omnichannel loyalty program. Customers could sign up for membership privileges and discounts via the app. In return the program would allow Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong to deliver personalized marketing—ultimately getting more customers to order regularly. 

Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong is a good example of nurturing existing customers by leveraging digital channels such as our mobile application and loyalty program.

- Leslie Bailey, Managing Director, Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong (APRT Ltd.)

The difference Cybersource made


Increase in table turn

During periods when customers were allowed to dine-in, Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong achieved faster turnaround by speeding up service and payment, and shortening waiting time. 


Increase in loyal member base

Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong nurtured existing customers by leveraging their mobile application and loyalty program.

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