Falabella: Empowering an Omnichannel Vision While Controlling Fraud

June 13, 2019
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Cybersource Team
Cybersource Team
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Founded in 1889 in Santiago, Chile, Falabella operates in four Latin American countries (Chile, Argentina, Colombia & Peru), and is expanding into Mexico and Brazil. Falabella reaches into multiple retail segments, including department stores, home improvement, supermarkets, real estate, banking and other businesses.

Their department stores sell clothing, accessories, home goods, electronics and beauty products, as well as their own line of store brand products. Their omnichannel strategy considers the enablement of multiple channels (web, phone, mobile, TV) leveraging their physical stores.



Falabella’s omnichannel vision includes an ambitious “Click & Collect” strategy, which leverages their retail stores so consumers can buy online and pick up in store within 90 minutes.

To deliver on their customer promise Falabella had to fulfil orders in a very short timeframe, including checking for possible fraud. Their review staff needed to manually review orders for potential fraud in a timely manner, particularly during special sales events when order volume increased. However, due to a lack of an automated fraud prevention platform, the number of orders sent to manual review was higher than they could easily manage.

In other words, to support their omnichannel strategy, Falabella needed to lower their manual order review rates. They needed a platform that could automate their fraud management process without increasing their risk exposure.

“After implementing Cybersource Decision Manager, we have reduced fraud levels, lowered the number of orders sent to manual review and improved customer satisfaction.”

Julius Odian—VP Business Development Falabella



Falabella chose Cybersource Decision Manager and Managed Risk Services to help them succeed with their omnichannel goals, by processing multi-branded credit cards—including their own private-label card (CMR)—and to help them reduce the manual order review rates while managing fraud levels.

Today, Cybersource fraud management solutions service 100% of Falabella’s online orders in Chile and in Peru, including web, mobile, kiosks, and call center channels.

CyberSourse Decision Manager helped Falabella improve their omnichannel experience


  • 95% lower chargeback rate
  • 80% lower order review rate
  • 60% lower fraud rate
  • 30% lower order reject rates
  • <90 minutes Click & Collect orders fulfilled



Before implementing Cybersource Decision Manager: in order to control online fraud, nearly all orders were reviewed manually, which took an extensive amount of time (at times, days), and didn’t allow Falabella to fulfill their Click and Collect promise. 

After implementing Cybersource Decision Manager: Falabella’s fraud prevention process is automated, which has helped them to significantly lower manual order reviews and deliver on their Click & Collect promise, a key service in their omnichannel strategy.