Keep on top of payment trends, stay ahead of fraudsters

Every year, Cybersouce and the Merchant Risk Council compile the Global Fraud and Payments Report. Based on extensive research in key markets, it outlines the major trends in payments technology and fraud. 


One dollar in every ten earned from eCommerce is spent managing fraud


Fraud management is regarded as challenging by nine in ten merchants


Nearly half of merchants think issuers often incorrectly file transactions as fraud

Download the 2022 Global Fraud and Payments Report

What you’ll learn: 

  • How mobile is transforming the world of payments
  • Who’s at risk from evolving threats, like whaling and friendly fraud
  • Why customer experience is driving changes in payment technology
  • Which are the most common KPIs for fraud management

Who should read it: 

  • Heads of fraud, payments, risk and compliance
  • CIOs, CTOs, CFOs
  • Anyone in eCommerce organisations
  • Anyone accepting payments—on and offline

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Past fraud and payments reports

Tools to help you fight fraud

3-D Secure

Authenticate customers, shift liability for fraudulent transactions and support compliance.

Account Takeover Protection

Protect online accounts from unauthorised access by fraudsters.

Tokenise your customers’ payment credentials

Keep payment data off your system and streamline token management.

Payer Authentication for 3-D Secure

Take full advantage of all the latest authentication capabilities available through 3-D Secure.

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