Revenue optimization and smart fraud management

Learn how to make way for more real business by striking a balance between fraud and sales.

The fraud vs. sales tug-of-war

Too much business is lost in the tug-of-war between fraud management and sales goals. And it’s not just about lost revenue. It’s the added cost of reviewing false positives and the negative impact on customer experience. 

If fraud wins, your top-line revenue can suffer. You can lose too many legitimate customer transactions to super-sensitive fraud filters. If your sales initiative wins and you accept more transactions, then your top line revenue looks better. But your bottom line may take a hit from all the unfiltered fraud attempts.

Get out of the tug-of-war with a solution that’s fully equipped to help you with the broader challenge of revenue optimization—from attracting more customers and increasing order size to reducing the amount of losses from declines and chargebacks.

Learn how to accelerate good transactions while stopping bad ones

White paper: Using fraud management to grow your eCommerce business

Have you wondered if your fraud management tools might be damaging your revenue goals?

Fraud management is just one part of the payment optimization process. Creating the best customer experience (CX) across all devices and channels is crucial to success. Optimizing payments to align with growth is part of that tug-of-war between delivering secure, frictionless payment experiences and protecting your revenue and brand.

Read this white paper to understand how progressive companies are learning from and using fraud losses to grow their business.

Why Cybersource?

Accelerate good transactions

Cybersource offers a fraud management solution that accelerates good transactions, while stopping bad ones—so you can make way for more real business. Our solutions include:

More intel

  • Drawn from over 21 billion transactions across the globe and backed by the ML and specialists who can interpret it, incorporate your own data, and apply the insights to your business.

More options

  • From a hybrid AI/ML and rules-based solution that you can design and test using our experts or yours, or both. 

A more complete approach

From a truly integrated platform that handles everything from gateway capabilities and tokenization to risk management. 

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