Enhance Your Risk Strategy to Improve Acceptance—Cybersource Session at MRC Seattle

October 25, 2019
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Paul Baer
Paul Baer
Cybersource | Head of Managed Risk Services

On Oct 16-18, Cybersource attended MRC Seattle 2019, a Merchant Risk Council Member-Only Conference.

The Merchant Risk Council (MRC) is a global membership organization connecting eCommerce fraud and payments professionals through online forums, career development programs, conferences, and networking events.

At the conference, members connected with the MRC community, learned from visionaries, and benchmarked their company’s technologies, KPIs, and strategies. Open exclusively to members, this conference facilitated honest merchant conversations and personalized networking. This year, the event brought together a group of 250 select merchants, solution providers, card brands, issuers, and eCommerce visionaries. Because of the small and secure environment, speakers got to dive deeper into qualitative data, real-life experiences, and comprehensive insights. Key merchant content included PSD2 regulations, entering new markets, omnichannel fulfillment, integrated commerce models, strategies to increase conversions, payments optimization, and more.

Cybersource’s own Paul Baer, Head of Managed Risk Services, gave the session “Enhance Your Risk Strategy to Improve Acceptance”. Attendees learned how balancing fraud chargebacks and false positives in conjunction with optimizing authorization and payment flow can increase acceptance rates, conversion, and customer satisfaction. The talk provided a deep dive into the future of digital commerce, what influences authorization rates and the evolution of fraud strategy.

Much of the talk—both in structured sessions and in hallways during the breaks in between—revolved around the needs to make sense of all of our data quickly and accurately to reduce false positives while keeping costs down. This underscores the value of a robust, comprehensive platform that can provide holistic, end-to-end solutions to the challenges faced by eCommerce fraud and payments professionals today.

Learn how Cybersource can help you prevent and manage fraud more effectively.

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