The changing payment and fraud landscape

The payment and fraud landscape has changed. Businesses have had to rapidly respond to new fraud threats, drops, or surges in order volume.

For some industries, attempted fraud rates have increased as fraudsters attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in fraud screening. It’s crucial for businesses to pivot business models and support customers in new ways. Managing fraud has taken on a whole new meaning, and Cybersource has long-standing expertise to help your business through this challenging time.

Evaluate your fraud strategy  

Are you set up to protect against fraudulent orders, card testing attacks and account takeovers?

We offer a variety of solutions

Review your current fraud strategy to see if it’s flexible enough to incorporate rules-based decisions based on data-driven insights for unexpected changes.

Enterprise fraud management

Decision Manager is an enterprise fraud management solution that offers the tools and intelligence from more than 141 billion transactions processed worldwide by Visa and Cybersource, to help identify risky or fraudulent transactions.

It applies advanced artificial intelligence to make smart payment decisions based on your priorities. Gain the insights you need to adjust your risk strategy as you shift your payment processing to better align with your customers’ purchasing patterns:

  • Adapt to your unique priorities  
  • Apply the industry’s most advanced AI to identify risky transactions
  • Make better payment decisions based on your priorities
  • Gain the insights you need to understand your customers
  • Access expert insights from our managed risk analysts*

Learn more about Decision Manager or contact us for more information.

Fraud Management Essentials

Our Fraud Management Essentials solution helps medium sized businesses minimise costly fraud attacks. With ready-to-go fraud filters, you can automatically monitor every order, while still providing a seamless customer experience. Start protecting your revenue.

  • Accurately detect fraud with reliable screening 
  • Accelerate your setup with built-in fraud rules 
  • Set up your strategy with easy adjustments 
  • Make informed decisions with a user-friendly dashboard with reliable data

Learn more about Fraud Management Essentials or contact us for more information.

Managed Risk Services

With Managed Risk Services, you get access to Cybersource’s team of expert risk analysts who can complement or extend your in-house team. Operating across six continents, they identify risky patterns and fraud trends before they impact your business.

This experienced team can help optimise Decision Manager results, discuss new approaches, and enable you to scale operations during busy or challenging periods.

  • Accept more good orders and help minimise fraud
  • Lower the risk of opening new channels
  • Expand into new geographies faster
  • Handle unique scenarios or peak season volumes with ease

*There is an additional fee required for the Managed Risk Services.

Account Takeover Protection

With customers increasingly making purchases online, you may ask them to create an account to track their purchases. But this can be an opportunity for fraudsters to exploit customer information, take control of existing accounts or establish new, fake accounts. Account takeover attacks can lead to card testing, fraud and undermine trust and loyalty among valued customers.

Account Takeover Protection actively monitors new account creation and account usage behaviours to help you more accurately authenticate your customers’ accounts.

  • Protect online accounts from unauthorised access
  • Avert fraud attempts before they take place
  • Preserve customer trust and loyalty

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